ICO Website Assessment

Let’s face it, the website is the main portal through which people get in touch with your ICO. First impression always matters! So make sure it’s impeccable.

ICO Whitepaper Assessment

The whitepaper is the heart of your ICO. Treat it properly! Anyone interested in your project will analyze it.

ICO Brand Assessment

Stand out from the crowd or be mediocre. It’s your choice! There are lots of ICOs launching on a daily basis. Make your brand unforgettable!

50 Items Assessed

The “Project Status Report” evaluates and scores 50 different items regarding your website, whitepaper, social media & communication channels and token metrics information completeness. An overall score of your project is also included. For each item that does not score 100%, in-depth recommended actions are provided for improvement.

Please find more details about each service below

ICO Website Assessment

This section evaluates the overall website quality and outlines the main information gaps that might turn an investor away from participating in the ICO sale.

Inside the “ICO Website Assessment” section of the report, the ICO staff will be notified of any faults and lacks, both design-wise, but, most importantly, information-wise.

Not having all the necessary pieces of data about your project on the website might drive people away, thinking that if you didn’t manage to put together a complete and detailed website, then how are you going to create a product that will change an entire industry or even the Internet?

Also, the lack of full transparency of many ICOs today continues to be a major turn-off for potential major investors and, usually, people don’t have the time to assemble pieces of information about your project from various sources across the Internet.

So, why not have it all in one place, following the detailed checklist and recommendations this report provides?

Note: This section of the report evaluates more than 15 items regarding your website, based on a clear and transparent grading system and provides further advice where necessary.

ICO Whitepaper Assessment

I’ve read more ICO whitepapers than most people and in 99% of cases, I encounter low-quality whitepapers sitting behind great projects.

Lots of relevant data missing, confusing structure or content, lots of discrepancies and inconsistencies, too many / too less technical details, poor design and formatting and so on.

Again, let’s be realistic here. If you truly want to have major investors joining your ICO, you need an amazing whitepaper. No one in their right mind would send hundreds of ETH to you after reading a poor whitepaper. Period.

And even if they will, then don’t act surprised if they dump all their tokens at 1.5x, as soon as your coin hits the smallest exchange. I assume you have a long-term project going on, not a pump-and-dump coin, right?

So, remember that no matter how great you think your product is, potential investors have to think the same!

Note: This section of the report evaluates more than 15 items regarding your whitepaper, based on a clear and transparent grading system and provides further advice where necessary.

ICO Brand Assessment

This section of the report is assessing three other crucial parts of your ICO and provides advice for improving each of them, if necessary.

3.1. The LinkedIn Profiles of your top 5 team members (CEO, COO, CTO, Founders and so on).

I will analyze the LinkedIn profiles of your most prominent team members and advise you regarding any required changes or existing faults so that the experience and value of your team are clearly visible in the eyes of potential investors.

I personally have more than 19k connections and followers on LinkedIn and a group with more than 6k active, involved people, so I know a thing or two about LinkedIn branding and community building.

Check out my LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tmihaicatalin/ and LinkedIn group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8313392.

3.2. Overall evaluation of your community (Social Media, Communication Channels, Blog).

I will carefully analyze your social media and communication channels and assess the level of activity and interaction between the ICO team and the community. After all, the main factor that drives the value of a project and its coin/token is the community supporting and believing in the project.

In order for the community to invest in your ICO, they have to be up-to-date with your latest news and product developments, they need their questions answered and they have to feel confident you are there for the long-term.

3.3. Assessment of the information you provide about the token sale and distribution.

All the necessary data about the token sale should be provided to the public, via your website and whitepaper. Many ICOs fail to do this. People having to search for your token metrics on Google or Reddit may lose their patience and move on to researching other ICOs that have their documentation clearly outlined.

That’s where I come into the picture. I will make sure you have all the necessary data about the sale posted for everyone to see and assess, and I will also provide advice wherever I notice a lack of information structure or transparency.

Note: This section of the report evaluates more than 15 items regarding your social media, community and token metrics, based on a clear and transparent grading system and provides further advice where necessary.