Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Project Status Report”?

The “Project Status Report” is a PDF document that evaluates your ICO in great detail and provides scores for about 50 items regarding your project (faults and lacks in your website, both regarding functionality and the information provided; faults and inconsistencies in your whitepaper; brand-related issues, like incomplete or unconvincing social media profiles of your staff; overall evaluation of your social media and communication channels; analysis of your token-related information).

Furthermore, for each item that currently has a fault or issue, I will provide the recommended actions to help you have everything in place for your sale. Each piece of advice I provide in the report is the result of numerous ICOs assessments I’ve made for my own investments and for those of other people in the cryptocurrency world.

The report is confidential and should not be distributed to third parties.

How is the report structured?

The “Project Status Report” contains three major sections:

  1. ICO Website Assessment – Let’s face it, the website is the main portal through which people get in touch with your ICO. The first impression always matters!
  2. ICO Whitepaper Assessment – The whitepaper is the heart of your ICO. Treat it properly!
  3. ICO Brand Assessment – Stand out from the crowd or be mediocre. It’s your choice!

Moreover, the report contains an ICO Overall Score, creating a general picture of the current state of the project.

Learn more about each section of the report by visiting the ICO Services page.

How long does it take for the full report to be completed?

The report will be delivered 3 business days after the order confirmation (advance payment of 5 ETH or the equivalent amount in your tokens).

After our initial discussion, you will have to deposit an advance payment of 5 ETH or the equivalent amount in your tokens to the address I will provide you with.

As soon as I receive the advance payment, I will start working on the report.

What is needed for creating the report?

All you have to provide me with is your website. After all, I will analyze your ICO through the eyes of a potential investor.

What is the price for the full report?

The price for the ICO “Project Status Report” is 5 ETH or the equivalent amount in your tokens.

Included in this price:

  • Full website analysis and assessment of each section
  • Full whitepaper analysis and assessment of each section
  • LinkedIn profile analysis – 5 team members
  • Social media presence analysis – 5 networks
  • Main communication channel – Monitoring & analysis of activity level (e.g. Slack community, announcements, moderator activity)
  • Project Status Report generation – Layout of all the information gathered during the analysis, scoring of each of the 50 items, overall project score
  • Recommended action and advice for every item that scores under 100% (1p)

Anything else worth mentioning?

I reserve the right to refuse ICOs as customers if I conclude they are trying to scam people in any way, shape or form. I simply cannot risk my credibility as a programmer, online instructor and cryptocurrency specialist for 5 ETH. Please contact me if and only if you have a legit ICO running. Thank you for understanding!

Can we see a sample of the report?

Of course, please click here Report Template to see a full report template. That’s how your final report will look like, but with a greater level of detail and insight.