Mihai Catalin Teodosiu

Mihai Catalin Teodosiu

Programmer | Cryptocurrency Investor | Entrepreneur | EFF Supporter | @MihaiCTeodosiu

In a nutshell…

Cryptocurrency Community Founder
Computer Science Specialist
Quality Assurance Engineer
20k+ Community Members
Online Instructor & Mentor
Cryptocurrency Specialist
Cryptocurrency Investor
Content Creator

My Background

Hi! My name is Mihai, aka “The ICO Judge”.

I have a BS Degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications from University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, Romania. I hold several Cisco, Juniper and ISTQB certifications.

I am an online entrepreneur, currently building several businesses, with the utmost passion and enthusiasm.

I worked as a Network Quality Assurance Engineer at Luxoft Romania for 6 years, and I’ve previously been an engineer in the IT departments of Vodafone, Nestle, and Huawei, for short periods of time.

I am a programmer and online instructor, teaching Python and Network Programming to more than 35.000 students in 160+ countries.

Since starting my entrepreneurial adventure in early 2015, I managed to build a strong social media community of over 20k+ former and current network programming students, people who appreciate my work and dedication, predominantly techies, computer geeks, entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs and innovators, just like myself.

The Cryptocurrency Adventure

I am a huge cryptocurrency supporter and my portfolio holds more than 40 coins and tokens, constantly waiting for more interesting ICOs to invest in.

I have a great passion for studying cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and evaluating every bit of information regarding Initial Coin Offerings, giving my best to encourage more people to join this movement and participate in the creation of The New Internet.

I have also founded the largest, most educated cryptocurrency community in Romania, Omega Crypto, constantly organizing educational events and training courses.

It’s nice to meet you, now let me assess your ICO!